This is a list of things the S1 and S2 classes would like the school to spend the 2020 funding on:
(Except for comments in italics, this is all the pupils' own words)

More stuff for the art department
More opportunities
New / More courses (medical, drama, etc)
Hairdressers salon
Beauty salon and beautician courses
New teachers
More supplies for subjects, more resources for classes
More instruments to play in music
Better equipment
Better science equipment
Thimbles for sewing in H.E.
More H.E., CDT, PE, Music, and IT
Better subjects like Computing 2 or 3 times a week (instead of 1 period a week)
Learn how to design (computer) games
Website making
Car mechanic workshop
More learning support
Only teach fun subjects
Have lots of funny teachers
Change work courses - In 1/2/3 year you should see someone who studies animals if you want to. In 4/5/6 year you go away and be an assistant with every job course / help people do what you want
More time on the computer
New books
More pens and pencils, calculators and rubbers etc
Choose your subjects (S1 pupils' request)
No registration class

More IT classrooms
More computers, faster computers / Everyone can have their own computer in first year
Getting Miss O'Donnell a new laptop
Get better laptops
Laptops for English
Laptops for each pupil for work (so you don't have to write) (to help dyslexic pupils) (to take home and bring back to school each day) (you could write and save your work and our work would be neater) (for homework and organising things)
Broadband on PCs (faster internet connection)
A brand new xbox 360
Playstation 3 in library
Better TVs, DVDs and videos (DVD players in every classroom) (TVs on desks in H.E. and Maths)
Mobile phones each (so teachers can keep in contact with the pupils in case something happens)
Mobile Digital Assistants (MDAs) per person (because cheaper than laptops)
Walkie talkies
PSPs and PSP games (during free periods for each person)
Smartboards in every classroom
Cameras for Science

A swimming pool (and jacuzzi!) with diving boards (and whirl pool and steam room)
Better gym halls
More PE / football / gym equipment
Better footballs for lunch/break
Better basketballs
New basketball baskets
A better pitch / astro turf
New football goals
BMX track
Motorbike track
Sports competition with other classes in the school as well as other schools
A wrestling / boxing club and team
Better games to play
Dance classes at break and lunch
cheerleading lessons
A bike each
New football strips

Building - general
Repaint the school (especially the toilets) (paint the classrooms)
Lockers to put our PE kit, books and stuff in (in the changing rooms)
Get better classrooms (fix them up) / bigger classrooms / more classrooms
New desks and chairs, Get comfy / ergonomic chairs for all classes, Desks with lid and storage
New carpet and laminate / Carpet that chewing gum can't stick on
A clock in every class, Clocks that tell you when the period ends
Chill out room
Picnic benches outside
Student council room
A study room
New garden
Better water fountains that work
Phones to phone people/relatives at break and lunch
Make the outside walkway inside / Higher rooftop (so the football doesn't get stuck)
Get a better playground / play area
Heating in every classroom / Under floor heating
Beds in school if you're tired
Clean carpets
Lots of display boards
A big clock at the front of the school

Building - toilets
Better mirrors and taps in toilets
Toilet roll
Hand dryers in the toilets
Clean the toilets
Locks on the toilets
Toilets that flush

Building - cafeteria
Better food in the cafeteria, better lunch menus
Bigger dining hall (dinner hall for each year group) (boys and girls only dinner halls)
New cafeteria tables and chairs (non-movable tables)
More money on the One Edinburgh cards (lunch cards) (50p or £1 a day) (for break time)
Allow the (One Edinburgh lunch) machines to take notes
Shorter lunch queues
Vending machines (Juice, sweets and crisps, so you can eat and drink when you want)
Juice dispenser in every class
Better cheaper cafe
Tuck / sweetie shop
Allowing chewing gum in class

New/Better uniform (and "accessories" for uniform) (pink ties for girls, blue ties for boys, red ties for teachers) (purple or green not black) (tank tops with school logo)
No more uniform
More outings & trips (for good behaviour)
£100 each child
School Christmas disco and school prom
School mascot (for basketball and football team)
School pet
More books for library
News report
School bus / taxi (in the winter) (costing 30p)
Kids teach the teachers for one day a week
Children should get paid to go to school
More people
More money for the School Council
A sweetie classroom that only 1P1 get for one day a week
Start giving out diaries to organise things / calenders
More things to do
Interactive things
More things to help you in later life