Staff Summer Guide / Homework

This is a webpage for the staff involved in the trial of the mobile learning project.

Getting Started:

Firstly you will need to get the phone out of the box, put the battery and sim card in, and charge the phone up.
(yes, I know, you'll have to contain your excitement while waiting for the phone to charge. Why not read the instructions while you wait!)

Once the phone is charged, try installing the phone software on your home computer. Follow the instruction for this that came with the phone.

Tip - charge your phone every night to keep it working during the day :-)

Phone Info:

Your phone is an XDA Trion from O2. The phones are unlocked so you can use them with a different sim card if you need to.
It is also know as an HTC TyTN (factory name) or SPV M3100 (with Orange) or Vario II (with T-Mobile).
The operating system is Windows Mobile 5.0
You will only need to know all this is your are trying to buy accessories on eBay!

You get unlimited data access (free internet) and unlimited calls to other O2 phones. This will not work abroad.


Images and Videos - for sending photos and videos to the internet - for storing and sharing images - for storing and sharing videos

Blogs - RSS feed reader (for reading blogs and news) - free blogs for teachers - free blogs, more complex than edublogs

Software - free software (select your device to get suitable software - O2 XDA Trion)

Mobipocket - free eBook reader software - free eBooks

Reference sites and software - Google Maps (software) - Language translations - Dictionary that will correct spelling errors - Good search engine - mobile friendly site for converting units, timezones, currency, etc

Futurelab handbook on learning with handheld technologies
NECC Presentation on Using Mobile Technology to Differentiate and Enrich Instruction
K12 Online - presentation on Mobile Learning Redefined (interesting video and links)

Educational - educational links, forum, software and lesson plans - forum, software reviews, teaching ideas